Business Implications of
Crypto-economics for Stablecoins

Comparison of Price Stability and Consensus Mechanisms between Terra & Libra


Diving into blockchain system architecture,
Engineering robust crypto-economics.

Specialized research into crypto-economics, a combination of cryptography with essential economic components
such as on-chain governance, network-token value correlation, decentralized judgement mechanisms.

Blockchain consulting to provide system architecture design, business strategy and related services.
Since April of 2018, Decon provided blockchain adoption strategy consultations and system architecture designs
to over 15 projects including LG Corp., 000, 000.

Being the first beneficiary of Binance X Fellowship in Korea, and having research partnerships with renown projects
like Terra, Decon has achieved an unmatched presence in Korea.

Executive Team

Morgan Lim

CEO, Co-Founder

Charles Kim

Partner, Co-Founder

Joe Hwang

Head of Services

Ben Byun

Head of Research


테라-디콘, 블록체인 생태계 활성화 위한 공동 연구 파트너십 체결

2019-10-1 | 매일경제

수익다각화 급한 페이스북, 스테이블코인을 지원군으로 들인다

2019-10-1 | The Block Post

"거대 블록체인 물결, 산업구조 싹 바꾼다"

2019-10-1 | 머니투데이