Strategic Importance of
Cryptoeconomics in Stablecoins

Comparison of Price Stability and Consensus Mechanisms between Terra & Libra


Diving into blockchain system architecture, Engineering robust cryptoeconomic systems.

Specialized research into cryptoeconomics, a study of token economy and cryptographic data exchange including on-chain governance, consensus mechanisms, network-token value correlations.

Provide blockchain consultancy for system architecture design, blockchain business strategy and related services based on cryptoeconomics research. Since April of 2018, Decon provided blockchain adoption strategy consultations and system architecture designs to over 17 projects, and cryptoeconomics audit reports of over 30 projects.

As the first beneficiary of Binance_X Fellowship in Korea, and having research partnerships with renown blockchain projects like Terra, Decon strives to lead the research for sturdy cryptoeconomic architecture on blockchain networks.

Executive Team

Morgan Lim

CEO, Co-Founder

Charles Kim

COO, Co-Founder

Joe Hwang

Chief Service Officer

Ben Byun

Head of Research


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