Decon Cryptoeconomics Lab is at the forefront of researching 
an efficient economic system architecture for
blockchain networks.

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Decon Cryptoeconomics Lab strives to lead the research for sturdy economic system architecture on ever-changing distributed networks such as blockchain.

Cryptoeconomics is a field of research consisting of token economy structures and cryptographic data exchange structure for efficient economic operations on blockchain networks. Cryptoeconomics is an essential element for designing the economic system architecture in distributed networks by utilizing tokens for efficient and safe production, distribution and consumption of goods and services without a central entity controlling resources.

Cryptoeconomics is a field of research with two categories: Token Economy Structure and Cryptographic Data Exchange Structure.

Token Economy Structure consists of mechanisms that incentivize efficient economic activities in a decentralized environment utilizing a token as a means of exchange between participants. Components of Token Economy include; Participants, Token, Goods and Services, and Mechanisms that enable certain beh​aviors from participants.

Mechanism :
Enables and encourages designed participants behavior within the network; includes Consensus and Governance.

    • Consensus : A process to agree upon a decision regarding network operation and economic activities within the network by Token Economy participants.
    • Governance : A process for updating consensus within blockchain; includes the creation , deletion and modification of consensus by participants.

Component :
Essential elements for mechanisms to work; includes Network, Participant, Token, Goods and Services.

    • Network : Where participants’ economic activities occur according to the designed mechanisms.
    • Participant : Entity that participates in the production, distribution and consumption of Goods and Services within Token economy. Participants act on behalf of themselves to maximize their own interests according to the designed Token Economy Mechanisms.
    • Token : A medium of exchange, verification to vitalize sound Token Economic activities.
    • Goods and Services : By-product of all Token Economy Participant activities.
Cryptographic Data Exchange Structure allows safe storage and exchange of data in a decentralized network by controlling data access and modification possibilities through cryptographic technologies. This structure consists of encryption, decryption and verification of data, as well as P2P data exchange, storage and queries. Cryptographic Data Exchange Structure is composed of Data Encryption and Data Exchange.

Data Encryption :
Data encryption and decryption technologies; includes asymmetric encryption technology, zero-proof knowledge and others.

Data Exchange :
Sending, storing and querying data of connected participants/nodes within the network.

Research Partners

Decentralized stablecoin with a clear adoption roadmap to set the stage for financial disruption.

With Terra, a prominent protocol of money that ensures price-stability by algorithmically expanding and contracting supply, Decon conducted in-depth research into the cryptoeconomic aspects of stable cryptocurrencies: price stability and consensus mechanisms.
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A new initiative to help developers leverage Binance infrastructure for their ideas and projects.

As the first Korean team to receive the Binance_X grant for “Igniting Innovation on Binance Platform”, Decon researched into multi-agent reinforcement learning based simulations to test for optimal transaction fee structures based on agent behaviors.
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