With in-depth cryptoeconomic research, Decon supports a sustainable growth of blockchain businesses.

Decon Service


Decon provides comprehensive consulting services from Blockchain Transformation Strategy, Cryptoeconomic Design and Audit services based on cryptoeconomic research.

Decon’s purpose is to support our clients by designing a practical network rather than producing a project paper. By applying our self-developed framework, Decon not only identifies the obstacles when pursuing blockchain businesses, but also provides solutions for each and every one of the obstacles.

We are eager to define the architecture for a blockchain network for sustainable growth with a cryptoeconomic approach. Through our services, we promise a sustainable architecture design with a concrete definition of value for our clients.

Strategy :

Providing strategies to utilize current and future potential of blockchain.

Lay out a roadmap to realize opportunities for transforming current business model or expanding into new businesses with blockchain technology after thorough identification of opportunities. Optimal step-by-step blockchain adoption strategy is constructed by analyzing the potential advantages and issues when creating blockchain network.

Design :

Planning and designing a practical blockchain economic system architecture.

Planning and designing an implementation-ready, robust and efficient blockchain network economic structure. Designing incentive and penalty mechanisms from defining participant boundaries to induce desired network actions according to the project objectives.

Audit :

Assessing the cryptoeconomic criteria of blockchain networks.

Analyzing the cryptoeconomic robustness of projects using self-developed analysis frameworks. Current issues and future obstacles are addressed with consideration of their effects on the network.